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DreamCatcher Entertainment wants to help you Fulfill Your Dream by extending our professional services as a Production Management Company for hire in the disciplines of both Theatre and Film. We pride ourselves in being able to assist you in producing the best quality work on whatever budget you have available. To get your project started, send an email to kelly@jointhedream.biz with a description, projected timeline, and anticipated budget.  Catch the success of previous Dreams Fulfilled.

Services May Include
[but not limited to]

  • Hiring of Designers [set, production, costumes, lights, projections, directors, etc.]

  • Hiring of Crew [stage managers, board operators, overhire labor, PAs, grips, gaffers, script supervisor, etc]

  • Casting

  • Execution of Technical Elements [order & coordinate pick up/drop off of equipment and file for necessary insurances, hire/work closely with Technical Director, etc.]

  • Line Producing/Administrative Duties

  • Graphic Design [by referral]

  • Scheduling

  • Promotion Assistance

  • Script Editing

  • Event Planning

  • Any Special Needs your Production may have!