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Theatre [pre-production]:  Day Dreams

Film[pre-production]: In a Forest

Films [Currently on Sale]: Hindsight; The Coffee Shop


DreamCatcher Entertainment began as Carousel Theatre Company in June, 2008. In November of 2011, the addition of a Film Department and the Talent on Tap program allowed us to provide artistic support to emerging and established artists.  Working with a minimal budget for off-off Broadway and Independent Film while delivering professional-quality results, DCE thrives on producing new plays and films that challenge the audience, along with dynamic interpretations of classical and contemporary works; additionally, the Fulfill Your Dream program offers our services as a Production Management Company for hire.

"Terror Tales" Playwrighting Competition; October 2012
“Terror Tales” Playwrighting Competition; October 2012


It is our mission to change the face of off-off-Broadway Theatre and Independent Film by astonishing audiences with the art we produce. We work with a budget that allows us to keep ticket prices affordable, and rely on our Imaginative Methods and dedicated staff to achieve professional results. No longer will low-budget and low-quality be associated. This is our Dream. Live, Laugh, Love: Entertainment with a Passion.